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Products in stock are normally delivered within the 10-20 working days. In case of pre-orders, the expected delivery time is also indicated in the item description in the website. In case of delay in delivery, we will inform you and continue to monitor the order. You may cancel the order if a delivery is delayed for more than 30 days and the delay is not due to you.

All orders within Europe are shipped from Aimplify in Germany.

All orders within North America is shipped from Funagain in USA.

The rest of the world is shipped from our fulfilment centers VFI Asia.

Note, if a product is out of stock at one warehouse then you order might be sent from other fulfilment centers.

If you at checkout get the message "No shipping methods found for this country" it is because of shipping difficulties to this country. Let us know through an email to and we will try to work something out.

Depending on delivery method you may be required to pick up the order at a specific delivery point. You are required to do so within the time specified in the notification of delivery. If you do not pick up the delivery in time you may be charged a fee and the order may be sent back to us at your expense. We may also cancel the order if the delivery is not picked up in time.

TIP! After 20kg, it is better to divide your order in multiple shipment to be cheaper as the price jumps way more,

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