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Module 3 adds a War of Independence to your High Frontier 4 All experience. In the previous edition, combat was merely opportunistic "take that" sniping of the leader. Now, all the ingredients of organized warfare are present: the ideological and economic differences leading to the outbreak of war, the Earth blockades and blockade runners, shutdown of boosting, collapse of the water market and stock prices, confiscation of Home Bernals, exomigration stifled, market replaced by black market, and the programmers on strike. The active law in the assembly sets the beginning and ending of the War, as well as loosening of wartime restrictions for certain players.

Components (preliminary) are the ...

  • rules
  • player loyalty placards
  • player loyalty meeples
  • black cubes representing secessionists in the assembly
  • leverage disks for negotiations
  • punchout Medals of Honor, awarded for winning battles and skirmishes.




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