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  • A roll & write that where you all engage in a common beautiful map of the solar system
  • Easy enough for a grandparent to play with their 8 year old grandchild.
  • All based on real facts, 99.9% of the population will know more about the solar system after playing :StegegetS:High Frontier

:StegegetS: is a game system of achieving combinations through dice rolling made to fit the new boardgame era of the 21st century. This version :StegegetS:High Frontier,  is set in the solar system. Your goal is to gain Breakthrough Points (BP). You get BP from landing on objects in the solar system. You land by rolling the combination shown on the object using 7 dice. You can also choose to spend landers on research to get rocket parts which gives you a buff for the rest of the game. Make the most out of the landers you have!

Designer: Jon Manker

2D-artist: Madeleine Fjäll

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