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The starship Exodus departs in haste from a troubled Solar System. Players must negotiate risks and challenges together in a cooperative sense and survive the journey, but competitively, must have the most victory points to win. Because of extreme mass limits, players start with two heavily augmented teenagers plus frozen human embryos, eggs, and sperm. The ship is a generation ark on an interstellar voyage lasting over a century, with new humans conceived and born either to their mothers or from artificial wombs to be raised by robotic nannies. During the search for a new home planet, the human cyborgs and their robotic avatars develop technology for sanity, anti-cancer, survival, terraforming, and colonization. As it erodes flying through dusty interstellar space, the shrinking ship requires periodic reconfiguration; a job that is undertaken by living nanite machines which unfortunately sometimes reproduce out of control in a cancerous plague called gray goo. The ship’s bow acts as a serendipitous particle collider, and the exotic “nuggets” formed there give hints to the true nature of reality. Will these allow you to become a cult leader to adoring masses back home? Or will it destroy you as your robots or computers become subjectively conscious and seize command? Will you discover new life or new civilizations, or seed all the Goldilocks between Sol and Tau Ceti with human couples?

Designer: Phil Eklund, Justin Grey

Playing time: 60-120 min

Age: 14+


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