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Number of plays: 2- 8

Playing time: 60 -120 min

Game designer: Matt Eklund

Stationfall is a game of blackmail and betrayal, of murder and mayhem, and of unknown danger and desperate survival. 

STATIONFALL takes place on a corporate space station full of illegal science whose orbit has inexplicably terminally decayed.  The station’s motley assortment of humans and robots are suddenly thrust into a life and death struggle for escape and survival.  Some of the characters on board are secretly players, who know of the impending disaster and are trying to accomplish their varied victory conditions before the station is incinerated.

In Stationfall, each particular character’s victory condition is publicly known, however which character a particular player is (if any) is secret.  Players can suborn any character in the game, adding their skills and gear to their conspiracy.  During the game, players must decide if and when to reveal their identity to gain their special ability and full control over their personal character.  Until that time, a player’s identity and goals can only be deduced by the actions of their conspirators on board.  

Stationfall is a diceless tactical intrigue game being published in 2021.

(And no, it's not "Sold Out", the webshop settings are just being difficult and moody.)

"For what it's worth, I just want to throw in here that this is a tremendous goshdarn game and is so new and cruel and hilarious that it should be in every household." - Ghastlymess on Discord.


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