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IMD-Spelet or The IMD-game is a game that was published as a part of an exhibition catalog in collaboration with Södertörn University. The design challenge was to make a game that was possible to fit on a cover for the catalog. Also the ambition was to make an abstract game inspired by IT-knowledge that had visual links to the graphic charter of the IMD-programme. Game Design by Jon Manker prior to Ion Game Design was founded. Play time ~20 min.

Read more is a game that was a part of a campaign launched by Sida, (the Swedich government agency responsible for organization of the bulk of Sweden’s official development assistance to developing countries). The campaign informed the public nation-wide about Sida’s work and views on poverty in the world in general and in development countries in particular. The game was a browser-based quiz game including mecanics for life-lines and time limits. The goal was to make something that appealed for a broad audience at the same time as it har mechanics that drove the game play and educated the player. Game...

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The Heat-Only Boiler Station is a game included in the web communication by Söderenergi, a Swedish energy copany. It was geared towards the end customers, equals a general public of energy consumers. The game was a browser based resource management simulator game. The players goal is to keep a boiler station going as long as possible by setting various parametres. The task gets increasingly difficult as the recources is diminished and the error tolerance is lowered as the game progresses. The audience was a broad general public with a focus on high school students. The player got knowledge about how...

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Rådgivaren or The Advisor is a historical strategy game commissioned by Östergötlands Museum to celebrate the 400 year day of The Battle of Stångebro. It was produced by a freelance team in which Jon Manker worked with game design. Other collaborators were Ulf Hagen and Johan Vävare. In this browser based game the player took the role as the advisor of the Swedish-Polish king Sigismund trying to help him make the best of his situation as exile King and ultimately change history in his favour (he lost control over Sweden after the battle of Stångebro). Based on the advice given...

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Ogifta par was the first Swedish movie to have a dedicated web page. Included on that page was a quiz-game that was a part of the PR activities surrounding the game, with prizes provided by the sponsors of the film. The game was designed and then produced in collaboration with the web bureau x-com commisioned by the movie distributor Svensk Filmindustri Game Design by Jon Manker prior to Ion Game Design was founded.  

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