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We have now received some pictures from the factory in China that has started the mass production of High Frontier 4 All core game + module 1 + module 2 +upgrade + neoprene mat.    (Note! Most of the mass production of wooden and plastic components ( except 3d-figures) are done since Longpack started with this earlier.) Although it is really nice that mass production is now ongoing we have hit yet another bump in the road for this project. Our contact person at Longpack  informed us about the following:  "The injection production department for Rocket , Benals and Torus, has...

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New estimated delivery is  for High Frontier 4 All core game, module 1 and module 2 is postponed to August/September. We are really sorry for the delay. Note that this new estimates are still nothing more than an estimate; timelines might slide due to many things outside your control right now. It is, and will continue to be, very difficult to predict when things can be delivered since we work with so many external parties, but we do our best to give some kind of estimations. We just recently got the information by our manufacturer Longpack that the mass production will start first...

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