Shipping nr 4

For backers and pre-order customers still waiting for Bios-triology, Pax Transhumanity and Pax Porfiriana here follows a new update.

Aimplify is continuing packing and shipping out games within this week. I am also in contact with Aimplify about orders that for some reason has questions marks, such as missing contact information.

Funagain has done a great job and has just in one day packed 820 orders and are now waiting for our payment that is still lost in transit. As soon as payment reaches Funagin they will be able to immediately send out the games. Just waiting for the money transfer between accounts is frustrating for us, the process should have just taken a couple of days according to our bank and has now taken more then 10 days.  It if of course more frustrating for our customers that has already waited a long time for their games.

We appreciate the patience and understanding. We are really sorry for the latest delay.

Until tomorrow...


  • DNH

    So, has someone maybe called the banking institutions involved to see why a wire transfer that should take 2 days is taking two weeks? What did they tell you?

  • JM

    It’s comforting that Funagain is packing the games in anticipation of the money being wired. A small comfort, but still better than the alternative.

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