Rådgivaren or The Advisor is a historical strategy game commissioned by Östergötlands Museum to celebrate the 400 year day of The Battle of Stångebro. It was produced by a freelance team in which Jon Manker worked with game design. Other collaborators were Ulf Hagen and Johan Vävare. In this browser based game the player took the role as the advisor of the Swedish-Polish king Sigismund trying to help him make the best of his situation as exile King and ultimately change history in his favour (he lost control over Sweden after the battle of Stångebro). Based on the advice given during the game a fictional front page of a newspaper was generated in the end and printed. The information on the page reflected how Sweden today might have been if the course of action back then would have been what the advisor/player suggested. Chances were high that each players page differed since the possible combinations of information on it were billions. It was available in the museums exhibitions and on the Internet. Game Design by Jon Manker prior to Ion Game Design was founded. Play time ~30 min.



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