High Frontier 4 All pledge manager and late pledges

High Frontier 4 All pledge manager and late pledges

It has been an amazing Kickstarter campaign for High Frontier 4 All. Apart from that we have unlocked 16 stretch goals and set a new total pledge record for our Kickstarters:  $363,656.14! This was celebrated with a stretch goal that added an extra player aid. During the Kickstarter we have also added a bigger neoprene map that will be available through our pledge manager.

If you were not part of the Kickstarter campaign and would like add a late pledge then you will be able to do so shortly through the pledge manager. The link to the pledge manager will be updated on the Kickstarter page and on our website. The pledge manager will be open until January 8th.

We will keep you updated :)


  • Jon Stout

    Still waiting for the Pledge Manager

  • Jon Stout

    Have you an update on when we can put in late pledges yet?

  • Andrew

    Thanks! I literally learned about the kickstarter the day it ended and was hoping there was a chance.

  • Jon Stout

    Thank God!!!

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