Errata cards for Bios:Origins (2nd ed), Pax Transhumanity & Pax Porfiriana

In the Kickstarter campaign for Bios:Origins (2nd ed), Pax Transhumanity & Pax Porfiriana we increased the spot checking process, with both internal and external spot checkers. But there were still some errors that we did not catch. Phil Eklund and the team have looked at all new errors spotted and the ones that affects gameplay will be printed in three replacement kits, one for each series of games (Bios, Pax and Dominata). Here is a link where you can see the actual print files for all of them:

The errata cards will be printed at Longpack and are estimated to available on our website in June. Keep in mind though that printing timings are a bit unclear this spring though due to the Corona outbreak. 

We will add the errata cards in the webstore within the coming week.

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